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Entry #3

New song coming!

2014-03-14 22:27:18 by Zombot1991

Working hard on a new song recently.  I started reading up on music theory to help better myself and also on production techniques such as layering and sidechaining so hopefully this track will turn out amazing.  I have 5 hours in on it so far but it's still a rough rough draft.  Expect it in the next few days!


Peace out!!


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2014-03-14 23:15:39

I think you already know more than I do... o.o

Zombot1991 responds:

Youtube and google are my best friends at times. :)


2014-03-15 13:36:55

That's good! If you need any help/advice you can come to me also (though, i still consider myself a noob fyi) :) and remember there will always be things to improve on even if you think you're the best

Zombot1991 responds:

Thanks ya kindly!

I have been wondering some things like your wobbles.....they're waaay better than mine.

I agree with that last statement....even pro's need fine tuning and improvements.